Photography: How to Outsmart Your Peers on Ansel Adams Photography

Why I choose to vacation and document the destinations exactly where Ansel Adams worked…

Ansel Adams Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico

Ansel Adams Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico

Good day. I’m Alan Nafzger from Matagorda, Texas. Many thanks for visiting This page.

I need to discover the precise site wherever Ansel Adams manufactured the shots, not to mimic his hard work but to indicate the globe the pictures and connect accurately how hard they were being to develop.

I heard Nick Carver mention the opposite working day that he didn’t know if he started off a different pictures channel on YouTube if it will choose off. I need to endeavor to not “redo” but “revisit” Ansel Adams on YouTube. Rock and Roll bands from the ‘80s have tribute bands and there are actually A large number of Elvis impersonators; why can’t I retrace Ansel Adam’s footsteps and just take shots?

I wish to connect with the channel “Ansel Adams’ footwear” as I might be strolling most of the same paths to and in the places wherever Ansel Adam’s walked. Or I might just contact it a “Ansel Adams tribute” channel. In any event, I’ll have to have your help.

Ansel Adams’ Photography

Partly like a homage to Ansel Adams, I want to coach several of the new electronic generations. I might even have a electronic Photograph and show The 2 pictures… of course persons would Review the two shots, and ideally his movie Variation would win in most people’s minds. Ideally it could persuade extra photographers to maneuver into film.

Ansel Adams’ Geography


Partly as being a homage to the geography, outdoors and also the parks, I want to talk about the trails and also the condition with the setting in these distinct locations. Using a contemporary Image from as shut as you possibly can to the initial spot will likely show the alterations during the geography. Obviously, trees and even perhaps geographic attributes may have changed. I believe individuals are going to be curious don't just to check pictures but also Look at terrains.

I desire to go to his San Francisco childhood home, his household in Carmel California and as a lot of the spots where he took the photos as I doable can.

Ansel Adams’ Impact

Ansel Adams Yellowstone Falls

Ansel Adams Yellowstone Falls

I would like to come across contemporary photographers and have them touch upon Ansel Adams’ impact on their work.

Whilst I'm not a professional photographer, Ansel Adams did impact me. I’m not a photographer by vocation or schooling. I had been a political scientist until “that” just grew to become untenable, And that i retired. My grandmother gave me a one hundred twenty After i was quite youthful (much too young most likely); but I was a significant photographer considering the fact that I had been fifteen or 16 and also a Instructor taught me relatively a lot (college newspaper and yearbook). Her name was Mrs. Hutchison. We formulated our very own film in the darkroom. She was an incredible teacher and I owe her additional than simply an informal interest in that aged movie appear.

I desire to do quite a few photography issues…

I want to hike and share video clips that clearly show the distance and energy associated with Ansel Adam’s photos.

I wish to exhibit individuals the options that he could have photographed on the path, pan remaining and pan proper.

Make panos and 360°s of your areas I’m able to achieve. I wish to show all Mr. Adam’s decisions of topics.

I need to utilize the zone procedure and do one thing from Every locale without the fashionable mild metering computer systems. Also, if possible, I need to search out an antique mild meter, just one identical or precisely the model Mr. Adams utilized.


I need to put a digital camera on Ansel Adam’s subject and do some time lapse pictures. It’s metaphoric. The geography, but additionally the original photograph, withstands the take a look at of your time.

I want to do many philosophical things…

I want to put as much biographical and historical data during the video.

I would like to place as several quotes and philosophy from Mr. Adams in the movie and increase several of his affect into currently’s world.

I would like to help reestablish the legitimacy and price of film pictures. Potentially I’m a dinosaur but the fashionable electronic technological know-how very simple make shots “way too sharp” and lots of of them seem unrealistic.

I have a paradigm (means of thinking of the earth) and I feel I’m not also distinctive from Mr. Adams. “I believe in beauty.I have confidence in stones and h2o, air and soil, folks and their foreseeable future and their destiny.”

What exactly are the obstacles to an Ansel Adams undertaking?

This undertaking can me conveniently misunderstood. Some individuals could sense That is piggy backing on Ansel Adams grand name. I’m a properly trained tutorial using a Ph.D. from a prestigious European College. I am able to’t inform you the amount of we had been lectured to on the need for original considered. Ph.D. function (for me) was all a grand exercising from plagiarism.

Gasoline price ranges. Journey and logistics and charges. Naturally, In the event the venture normally takes off

Many of the places are available to even Those people photographers with disabilities, but lots of spots nonetheless have to have extensive treks. I’m 60 several years previous. I’m thinking about getting a youthful, more bodily healthy, associate who may be able to end a trek and also a online video if I’m unable.

Is it possible to assistance with this particular energy?

Ansel Adams Saguaro National Park

Ansel Adams Saguaro National Park


Your ideas?

Would you point out the channel as well as the venture?

Would you ought to tag alongside on any of the visits?

Mr. Adams was a genius about monetizing and getting sponsors. Potentially you want to to contribute or uncover company sponsors?

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